Monday, March 19, 2007

LunaCon Road Trip

This weekend, as a family, we went to LunaCon ( I was scheduled to speak there, and do a reading of my work and an autograph session.
We almost didn't end up going, because the weather forecast was for snow and ice. It didn't look too bad Friday morning, though, so we got up and got on our merry way.

The weather, however, soon took a turn for the worse, slowing traffic on the way to Rye, NY (which is just north of New York City).

We went slowly, and were fortunate to have no problems.

Other folks, like the little red car on the opposite side of our guardrail, were not so fortunate. He'd spun about 150 degrees and was heading the wrong direction.

This one did a full 180 and hit something on the side of the road, I think. He was pointed back the way he'd come from when we passed him on the side of the road.

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