Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick Update

Quick update, since it's been so long.
(Mom, warning, rat pictures below, don't scroll down!)
We lost a family member last week - Annana, one of Autumn's rats had to be put down due to inoperable tumors. We're taking Kyrie, one of the others who had surgery last year to remove a tumor, back into the vet this afternoon, hoping the lump she's developed is operable.

Other than that, mostly all is well. We're going out to LunaCon, a convention in Rye, NY this weekend, to be on some panels, do a reading and a signing, etc. Should be fun. In April, I've got conventions 4 out of the 5 weekends, including one the con is flying me to Buffalo for. Talk about whirlwind.

Love you all!


Patricia said...

Sorry to hear about the pet, death is so sad.

Glad to see you updated your blog....do it more often, I know you all have to be doing something out there :)

Miss ya!!

Marlyn said...

sorry about Anna. I did look, pictures are ok just not quick moves.
Your hair is really getting long Autumn. Very pretty.
Love you