Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Family Blog

I realized I was juggling too many needs on my LiveJournal Account, using it for friends, work, family, etc. So I've created this blog just for family and close personal friends with whom I don't need to hide names or worry about posting pictures of the kids or personal information.

It'll be a way for me to share pictures of our family and daily news with those who care more about that than my work announcements and the like.

That being said, here are some pictures from my birthday dinner last month. Pat and Autumn took me out to a lovely Italian restaurant where they had pasta and I had gorgonzola encrusted steak. It was a lovely evening.
Autumn, being charming. I love her hair back like this, with the long tendrils. I wish I could convince her to wear it like this more often!

Pat looking very serious (boy, that's unusual!)

and then pointing to... something... What can I say, the camera was new and I was still getting used to it.

Autumn and I. Doesn't she look sweet? Pay no attention to the spaghetti sauce on her shirt. That's why /I/ wore red to the Italian restaurant!

Apparently the picture on the wall may be what Pat was pointing at in the earlier photo. Autumn couldn't resist mugging for the camera here.

That's my girl! What a grin!

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Patricia said...

Love it! Glad you made the blog. I miss you all terribly!!