Friday, January 5, 2007

One down, 51 to go...

I can't believe it's already into January and we've had no snow to speak of this winter. It's funny that, after thirty*mumble* years in the Pacific Northwest where snow was a rarity at best, I've gotten so enamoured of the idea of snow = winter. It doesn't /feel/ like winter here without it.

I checked the forecast for the rest of the month. No snow scheduled out past the 10 day forecast, which is as far as they do "real" predictions. Beyond that, it's just the almanac forecast, with nothing more than highs and lows, but I noticed something interesting in contrasting the "real" with the "almanac".

The highs are.. reasonably close. We're running 10-12 degrees higher than the scheduled high, which is significant when that means the difference between "mid 30s" and "mid 40s" in the middle of January. However, where things get really wonky is the low temperatures.

Schedules lows via the almanac for the mid to late part of January? 11ish degrees.
Scheduled lows via the "real" forecast for the early to mid part of January? In the 30s. The mid 30s.

We're a good 20-25 degrees warmer at night here than it's "supposed" to be this time of year. And that's just...weird.

Pat and I are still sleeping with the window wide open at night and the fan going (albeit for noise/air circulation rather than coolness... it points at the wall, not at us.) But to be able to turn off the heat at night and open the window... in New England? In January? That's insane.

Anyway, I promised some pictures from Christmas, and they'll be coming soon. I'm still figuring out how to move the pictures around in the post, etc. (Any advice is sorely welcome.)


Marlyn said...

Nice to see your family stuff. I got as far as trying to set up one. Mom

Joseph said...

Nice blog page. what an awesome way to communicate with your friends and family.Miss you all and glad to be counted in. Thiking of all of you tons. Haley was thilled to see Autumn.Joe