Friday, January 5, 2007

Jonathan Coulton Concert 12/12/06

For my birthday, Pat sent me with some friends out to Boston to see Jonathan Coulton in concert... twice! He was doing a small mini-concert in the basement of Pandemonium Books, and then a larger concert at Johnny D's (a restaurant/night club).

Robert was kind enough to drive us, as he'd just gotten his new car. It was nice to be able to just enjoy the scenery and company for the 2 hour drive to Boston, rather than have to worry about traffic.

It was really interesting going on a trip with people who actually knew the area, since Pat and I are totally unfamiliar with it.

Mike rode up front to give "directions" to Robert. This was, we discovered later, not necessarily the wisest idea, as Mike hadn't navigated around Boston in quite some time, and apparently the roads had been moved around quite a bit since his heyday.

Smile, Mike! :)

Lisa and I rode in the back seat, which was cool, because I /never/ get to ride in the back. I'm always either driving or navigating.
Lisa is a sweetheart. She's bold and outspoken and I adore her to bits. She's Mike's significant other, and mom to not only only her own kids, but to many of the strays who end up hanging out or even living with her and Mike at their place in Chicopee.

The first concert was held at Pandemonium Books, a book and game store in Cambridge (which is kind of a suburb of Boston, kind of in the same fashion that Tacoma is a suburb of Seattle.)
The mini-concert was short and small, but fun. And since Pandemonium stocks my books, it was neat to go in and talk with the owner about game stuff as well.

Jonathan sings.

I realized that, unlike a rock show, taking pictures of an acoustic guitar player singing gets a bit tedious at times. No matter how interesting the music, photos pretty much all look like some guy standing there with his mouth open and a guitar in his hands. So, while I took hundreds (literally) pictures of the two concerts, I'll only be posting a few.

Jonathan's compatriots for the event were Paul and Storm. They were his opening act at Johnny D's, but also came out to do a number or two with him at Pandemonium.

Storm, Jonathan and Paul sing Code Monkey.

Jonathan sings some more.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, Jonathan is the creator of such fun songs as Code Monkey and re: your brains (aka All We Want To Do Is Eat Your Brains.)

Both were written as a part of "A Thing A Week," where Jonathan wrote... 52 songs... in the course of the year. You can listen to all of them for free (and buy his albums, when you fall in love with them like I did) here.

Jonathan proves that not only can he walk and play guitar at the same time, but that it's /fun/!

Me and Jonathan!

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